Our Ethos

Here at GamerCrowd we believe in being open and transparent in our review process, and so this is why we make how we review games available for you to see. Any author who reviews a game at GamerCrowd will review any game without any form of bias, whether it is platform or franchise related. It is our belief that all of our reviews are as honest as can be, as well as being fair. Ultimately, all of our reviews will always remain the opinion of the author, and sometimes may not fully reflect the overall views of all members of staff at GamerCrowd.

How it works

To fulfil out beliefs here at GamerCrowd, we believe that a game must be completed to give a full and fair review. No game can be fully evaluated without the author experiencing what the game offers. We will always aim to complete a game to the minimum standards of an average user. This is basically to ensure we cover the bases that an average gamer may come across in a title. It would be difficult to ensure a game is 100% complete with the size of some games whether this be from an achievement or trophy perspective, or fulfilling some side quests or overlooked features.

We score games out of a possible 100 marks. Ultimately a score is decided by the overall experience that the reviewer has with the title. If they really liked it, then they’d give it a high score, and if they didn’t, then it’s going to score low. All scores take into account factors such as graphic style (in which it’s not all about amazing graphics, but how they fit the title), stability of gameplay, story, audio, visuals, and of course the most important factor which is fun factor.

We will always try to explain what we liked most and didn’t like about a game in our reviews, and always try to ensure that we explain and justify the score that we give the title.

Where we get our games

GamerCrowd really does believe in being open an honest with everything. Currently, all of our games are obtained by reviewers, with money out of their own pocket. Should this change, we will always make it clear in our reviews where the game was obtained from. If we receive a review copy, our opinions will not be swayed in any way or form, and we will always strive to give an honest opinion.

To the Developer

We know a lot of work goes into games, and regardless of developer, we will always provide a fair review. Regardless of previous titles, games will always be reviewed on their own merits. We always welcome the idea of review copies here on GamerCrowd, and if you are a developer that wishes to have your game reviewed by us, then feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Any Other Questions

If you feel like we’ve not answered your question here, please feel free to get in contact with us