Players have patiently been awaiting the Gen 3 Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go, with the first handful appearing in the Halloween event. Well it turns out that Niantic will be drip feeding us once again, only adding 50 new Pokemon in the next update. Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed which Pokemon we shall see, expect to see the 3 starters and their evolutions, and Salamence, Shiftry, Aggron and Ludicolo. There will also be some only available in raids too, but expect to see a full list soon.

If that wasn’t enough, Pokemon Go will also be shaking up the mix too, by adding in a new weather system. This system is due to change with the local weather, and will not only affect spawns of Pokemon, but the CP and more of them too, and offer trainers bonus stardust etc during these adverse conditions.

Don’t worry though, Niantic will continue to add more Pokemon “over the next several weeks” of the update being released. There’s no official statement as to when the update will arrive, but expect it to be fairly soon.